About Us

A leading UK manufacturer, GEM Cable Solutions provides total network solutions through a flexible package of bespoke services and products.

We work across the globe to support business growth with an unrivalled level of technical and procurement expertise, precision manufacturing on any scale and easy access to trusted brands and tailor-made equipment.

The Needs

The need that Gem Cable Solutions has identified comes through its existing track record of working with the upper tiers of the supply chain, through its work with clients across the transport, telecoms, aerospace, broadcast and satellite sectors. The need that we perceive is to provide a highly flexible service, often combining a mix of specially made bespoke products with sourced standard products into a complete package, thereby taking logistical and procurement challenges away from the client.

GEM Cable works hard to understand client priorities and create solutions that mitigate against the risks and concerns inherent in any upper tier partner working in the industrial sector. We provide the cabling expertise they need to fully exploit new technology and ensure their business works better. We already have successfully completed many vital and sensitive projects; installing in all types of environments, including underground, harsh and hazardous environments, while ensuring data security, speed and safety requirements are met in full.

A clear and growing need for cable solutions across multiple sector, allied to a greater requirement for a highly sophisticated approach to solving challenges, leaves Gem Cable Solutions uniquely well placed to meet these needs for its clients in the upper tiers of the supply chain.


The Approach

Our company has adopted a highly collaborative approach to working with our clients, from the moment we receive an enquiry to the completion of a fully customised delivery. The GEM Cable Solutions way is to place our uniquely wide set of knowledge, skills and experience at the disposal of our clients. We use our technical, engineering and project management expertise to design, source, make and install the perfect cabling solution for the many and varied demands of our clients.

This “one-stop shop” approach is what sets Gem Cable Solutions apart. Whether our upper tier clients require fibre optics or copper cabling from trusted brands; high quality assemblies and connectors custom-built at our UK factory, distribution and housing products, or a quick turn-around of large-volume orders, our instinct is to adapt to meet our clients’ changing needs. This means that we constantly ask ourselves “Is this the best we can do for the client?” and evolve their enquiry to understand what they want to achieve.

That we can do this is down to the quality of our staff who engineer, design and manufacture our products. The staff at GEM Cable Solutions are trained soldering technicians and the company maintains a quality system to IS9001:2008 throughout the manufacturing process and we are also a verified supplier on RISQS 094369 `Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme’.


The Benefits

In addition, every client wants to work with innovative partners and suppliers. Our highly flexible approach, in which we work across the spectrum from sourcing standard products through to highly bespoke innovations, means that we can offer our clients an end-to-end cabling service with a packaged solution. The benefit of this is peace of mind for a client when grappling with logistical and procurement challenges when delivering to their own customers.

It is also a huge benefit to our clients to know that in working with us they are dealing with a business that has been at the forefront of market knowledge for 30 years. It is our depth and breadth of understanding of cable markets that helps us to create an ideal combination of quality and quantity, across an extensive range of bespoke packaged products through to high-volume orders. We are able to source reduce costs for our clients through our knowledge of the best value sources among near-identical products and our bulk purchasing power as a cabling specialist.

Reliability is another major benefit.  Using our state of the art Test Equipment and a set of rigorous quality control systems to ISO9001:2008, customers will feel the benefit of an unsurpassed degree of accuracy.

We are equipped to design, install, test and maintain systems in any situation.  The client can rest assured that we can provide not only innovative but highly-reliable solutions. And so Gem’s expertise and high-tech testing equipment can provide long-term reassurance to our upper tier supply chain clients.



Our way of working is to understand our clients’ needs fully and provide them with a “one-stop shop” service for all their cabling needs. Gem Cable Solutions then takes all the logistical and procurement difficulties away from the client and delivers the solution as a complete package.

Most of our rivals are either manufacturers or distributors – they either make or move cabling products. We do both – and on top of that we give extra value by going to extraordinary lengths to make sure the client gets exactly what they want. Our clients will come to Gem Cable Solutions not just because of our ability to produce any type of cabling order but because we listen, ask lots of questions and then come up with much better ways of giving them what they need. Compared to our rivals we, uniquely, have the consultative skills to do this through our mastery of design, sourcing, manufacturing, installation and packaging of the right cabling solution.

Our service is also highly flexible in that it can combine specially made bespoke products with standard products sourced from elsewhere. The difference between Gem and our competitors here is that we then use our uniquely wide set of knowledge, skills and experience to bring the two together quite literally into a single box of solutions for the customer.

Gem also don’t have an “either/or” approach to quality and quantity – our unrivalled market knowledge allows us to deliver on both. We receive many high-volume orders for our products and services and are able to source the lowest costs for our clients through our experience of the market and our UK and Chinese quality- assured manufacturing capabilities.

The cost of our services is also understood and appreciated by our clients. We believe that the value for money from our approach, versus our competitors, comes from at least three sources.

Firstly, the quality of the GEM people, trained to the highest possible standards across the broadest range of skills, means that our customers get a first class service at an affordable price.

Secondly, our mantra that everything must work “first time, every time” and presented in the form of a complete package, takes logistical and procurement headaches away from the client. This gives them back precious time, peace of mind and value in a way our rivals cannot match.

Finally, we recognise that many clients will want to place high-volume orders and when they do we are able to save costs for our clients through our knowledge of the best value sources both at home and overseas and our bulk purchasing power on behalf of the client.

We know that our clients need more than just the cables and connectors that our competitors provide. That’s why Gem Cable Solutions provides the complete package: an end-to-end cabling solutions service that meets all of their needs – whatever the size of the project.