Our clients in this sector know we don’t need reminding of the importance of state-of-the-art cabling solutions for their data-transmission applications. This hard-earned trust – the result of many years solving their integration and conversion problems.

Our specialist services and product range include bespoke answers to the question of infrastructure integration; with many of our bridging and testing solutions already proving their worth in many large-scale operations:

  • Power, conversion and high-volume data cables, fibre optics and multi- cord from trusted brands
  • Bespoke space-saving housing and ancillary equipment from lesser-known but highly respected sources
  • Wide range of equivalent products
  • Test-ready connection solutions for fast, installation and precision checking / analysis

We understand that there is no room for compromise in a broadcast environment and supply audio and video cabling functionality that lives up to the expectations of your customers.

Our manufacturing expertise and tight quality control processes give the ultimate in reliability and help to ensure zero system downtime.

Contact GEM Cable Solutions today for a reliable and cost effective source of quality custom cabling, assemblies, control boxes, panels, wiring harness and looms.