GEM Cable Solutions specialises in meeting all your cabling and network connection needs through a comprehensive range of services and products that ensure cost-effective, superior results.

Product supply
From coaxial, fibre optic and copper cable assemblies through to connectors, tooling, housing and accessories, we provide all the materials you need for long-lasting, powerful communications. Visit our database of over 10,000 products for an online quote or to view technical specifications. For complex, secure or time-sensitive projects and large-volume orders call +44 (0) 1727 845 750 or email our sales team.

We build and fit all types of communications and network infrastructures to the highest industry standards to ensure state-of-the-art, reliable systems in any environment. Our team of technicians are fully equipped to give you a professional and efficient service with no disruption to existing operations. Contact the team for an initial discussion.

Bespoke design
Our tailor-made solutions stem from a wealth of experience in UK manufacturing and from the real-world application of our skills. With hundreds of projects successfully completed we know how to use our high-tech plant and equipment to design and manufacture assemblies that exceed your expectations. Contact our technical team to discuss the scope of your project or to arrange a meeting.

We offer a set of complementary services that go beyond the technical aspects of your project. Designed to support your business growth, our procurement, administration and logistics solutions simplify the process and make best use of resources.

Maintenance and trouble-shooting
Our maintenance solutions focus on preventing disruption and avoiding the financial impact that system problems can have on your business. We offer full analysis and testing to identify any issues and propose solutions, or simply address known concerns.