5 benefits of custom cable assemblies

Wire harness assemblies have a very broad application today and are vital to some of the toughest and most innovative industries. From aerospace to military and broadcasting, this essential piece of kit makes a big difference to outcomes. Standard wire harness assemblies may not be able to provide the kind of precision application and reliability that are necessary in many situations, which is why bespoke designs are so widely used. There are a number of key benefits to working with bespoke wire harness assemblies that make them an obvious first choice.

  1. Customised designs save time. Whether it’s on the production line or during the process of installation, working with bespoke wire harness assemblies helps to improve time efficiency. For example, customised designs can be bundled specifically to make them as easy and simple as possible to install, avoiding the potential problems and delays that confusion at this stage can cause.
  2. High quality standards. It’s vital to ensure that the components you’re using reach certain standards of performance and reliability – if the wire harness assemblies used aren’t of a specific level of quality then that may not be the case. Custom wire harnesses go through an extensive process of testing and are designed to a very precise specification. Quality and reliability are guaranteed. This is something that will have a knock on effect further down the line too – customised labeling, bundling and easy-to-install terminal connections ensure that wiring and electrical components installation is as high quality and reliable as the wire harness assemblies themselves.
  3. Tried and tested materials. Whatever the application for your wire harness assemblies, custom design means better materials – not just in terms of quality but those that are best suited to your specific performance requirements. This will ensure that you get the highest calibre of signal and power transmission from your wiring and that the components used have been tried and tested in the conditions where they will be operating, no matter how harsh. Standard wire harness assemblies are rarely able to deliver in this way and may be a waste of money if they are useless because they can’t meet the specifications of the application.
  4. Any application is possible. Whatever the wiring and cabling needs of the application, custom wire harness assemblies can be designed to meet them. This is demonstrated by the wide variety of industries where wire harness assemblies serve a vital use. The versatility of a custom design can be seen everywhere, from the ruggedised cables used in military applications to the seriously lightweight and space-saving designs for aerospace.
  5. The added extras. Custom design means that there are lots of opportunities for finishing and extras to ensure the product is completely aligned with its application. These include laser striping and marking for easy identification and customised jacketing and insulating materials.

Working with custom wire harness assemblies not only makes life easier but ensures quality and performance expectations can be met too.