Benefits of using aerospace graded cable assemblies

Aerospace graded cable assemblies are a vital part of many applications today. There are some situations that require such durability, reliability and specificity that general cables are just not going to work. For many critical applications there are lots of benefits to using aerospace graded cable assemblies – and it may be the only way to achieve vital results in often challenging conditions.

What are aerospace graded cable assemblies?

These are the wires that support the most essential applications in the aerospace sector. They tend to be vital to the effective functioning of complex equipment and are heavily relied on. It’s also fairly standard for aerospace graded cable assemblies to have to be consistently reliable in some of the most challenging conditions. These cable assemblies are effectively used throughout the aerospace sector and also many others, such as military.

Why choose aerospace graded cable assemblies?

  • This is the number one reason to opt for aerospace graded cable assemblies. This type of wire has been specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions and to be consistently reliable throughout.
  • Supporting critical applications. Aerospace graded cable assemblies can be specifically designed for complex applications that have a key role to play in equipment and projects. Many general wires are simply not suitable for the sophisticated demands that are placed on aerospace graded cable assemblies.
  • Extensive testing. Before cable assemblies are aerospace graded they must go through extensive testing regimes that include testing in extreme temperatures, pressures, impact, vibration, abrasion and moisture, among many others. These cable assemblies are designed to be tough and are at home in extreme environments. Testing includes everything, from the materials used to make the cable assemblies to the manufacturing process that the wires will go through and the final products, which are tested to ensure reliable operation.
  • Durable materials. Aerospace graded cable assemblies are made using extra durable materials, such as fibre optic wires and space wires, which significantly improves their resilience. These wires are particularly well suited to situations where there is a high likelihood of wear and tear.
  • A flawless choice. Thanks to the combination of factors that goes into creating aerospace graded cable assemblies, this tends to be a flawless choice not just when it comes to quality but also performance. This type of cable assembly has been specifically designed to handle the stress posed by certain applications and still perform optimally.
  • The option of customised aerospace graded cable assemblies. Another reason to opt for aerospace graded cable assemblies is that they can be created specifically customised to an individual application. Whether it’s for compliance to a certain standard or in a particular environment, even the most unique requirements can be met thanks to the option to custom design aerospace graded cable assemblies.

From reliability to extensive performance, the use of durable materials and the range of testing that is carried out, aerospace graded cable assemblies are a great choice because of the many benefits that they offer for a range of applications.