Gem Cable Solutions Celebrates Black Leaders Awareness Day

We at Gem Cable Solutions Ltd want to celebrate Black Leaders Awareness Day, 18/07/2022.

We also want to look forward and to inspire and encourage social mobility within Gem Cable Solutions Ltd

It is vital that the Manufacturing and Engineering Industry reflects the diversity of the society in which it operates.

At Gem Cable Solutions Ltd, we have recognised that diversification is crucial and if ever we need a social mobility inspiration, we can look no further than our M.D., Steve Jack.

Steve is from The North East of England and at a time when unemployment was high, he left the North East in 1984 with £50 in his pocket and travelled to St Albans, where he completed his apprenticeship at British Aerospace and then worked in the aircraft and space industries for the next 20 years until he joined Gem Cable Solutions in 2000. He took it over in 2004 and he has successfully continued to head Gem Cable Solutions as Managing Director .

On Black Leaders Awareness Day, Steve takes inspiration from Muhammad Ali:

“If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it–then I can achieve it.”



Our social mobility ambassador is hugely inspiring and had his own unique story about his route into engineering and manufacturing. We hope his journey will inspire aspiring engineers and encourage greater social mobility in the industry.


Speaking about his appointment as a Gem Cable Solutions Social Mobility Ambassador, Steve  said: “I hope by sharing my story that I can encourage others to realise their potential, regardless of their background or their schooling.  I urge the industry to consider how they can create a more diverse workforce. We need talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.”

Engineering offers a rewarding path and any aspiring engineers should be able to access and progress in the industry– regardless of their socio-economic background. It is not enough to say “the talent pool does not exist”. The issue exists, the next step is to create change within the industry. We need visible role models and we need a change in Corporate culture. The key to ensuring that a workplace is inclusive for all employees is for the corporate culture to be one that celebrates different experiences and backgrounds, rather than focusing on creating or recruiting a ‘type’ of employee.


Steve is passionate about social mobility, as well as the engineering and manufacturing industry. He is happy to work with schools, universities and organisations to promote social mobility in the industry.


Over the past several years, Steve has reached out to local schools, colleges and university to help students find a way through any difficulties they may face.

Steve ( aged 11 ) with one of his heroes)

At age 11, Steve met one of his heroes, who inspired him to want to achieve. So, be a “Steve” and chase your dreams.