Our reasons for choosing custom cable assembly

Custom cable assembly is one of our most popular options, frequently requested by customers from a range of industries. This makes sense to us as custom cable assembly has a lot of benefits that make it ideal for a broad spectrum of our customers, from local businesses through to leading international brands such as Virgin Media. These are some of the main reasons why custom cable assembly is such a popular choice.

  • A more time efficient build. Custom cable assembly removes the requirement for customers to source cables and looms and then find the right way to put them together. This not only takes time but can also mean wasted resources too when there are mistakes or errors made. Our custom cable assembly means that the work is done at our end and customers receive a unit with all the necessary cabling inside that is prepped and ready to use straight away. The cable assembly is fit for the specific purpose it is required for and no time or resources are wasted on testing or getting it wrong.
  • No need to handle assembly in-house. Your business may have started out manufacturing cables in-house and quickly found this to be time consuming and labour-intensive. Choosing custom cable assembly with an external specialist like GEM Cable means you can meet the demand within your business without the need to recruit, train and maintain a team of staff internally to do this.
  • Any cable, any connectors. Custom cable assembly is truly bespoke which means that any combination of cables and connectors can be used. This is very different to a standard cable assembly where none of the interior components are negotiable – buying off the shelf means that you’re stuck with the cables and connectors in the product with no option to customise for individual need. With a custom cable assembly multiple features can be combined in one single product and the options for cable and connector combinations are endless.
  • Achieving both quality and cost effectiveness. Maximising profit is essential for any business focused on survival and growth and this is something that has an impact right across the business, including at component level. However, it is usually a mistake to choose cheaper components where this means that a compromise on quality is also required – that short-term profit gain can be a long-term profit drain if what you’re producing doesn’t satisfy your customers. Custom cable assembly from GEM Cable provides all the benefits of cost effectiveness without any need to compromise on quality, whether that relates to the components themselves or the innovative nature of the cable assembly design.

The custom cable assembly is an obvious choice for situations that require a bespoke design. It is also a great idea for businesses that are keen to maximise profit and minimise wasted spend. From saving time and resources to ensuring high quality standards and cable assemblies that are unique and fit for purpose the bespoke approach has a lot to offer.