Our top benefits for using cleanrooms for the aerospace industry

Clean rooms help to protect against contaminants, bother entering and leaking. Positive pressure cleanrooms are particularly widely used in aerospace and are a first line of defence when it comes to entering contaminants. From electronics and microchip manufacturing to navigation system calibration they can have a wide range of uses – wherever the quality of the air in a specific area is more important than that outside they can be an essential part of the process. Cleanrooms have a number of benefits when it comes to use in the aerospace industry.

What are cleanrooms?

Focusing specifically on positive pressure cleanrooms these areas function by having greater air pressure inside the cleanroom than in the area outside it. Clean air is pumped into the cleanroom continuously via a filtration system. Where a positive pressure cleanroom is being used this provides protection to whatever is in the cleanroom if it should be breached – if that happens then the air will rush out of the cleanroom and prevent any contaminants from getting in. This can have a wide range of advantages, from preventing damage to electronic components to providing a controlled environment for healthcare.


The benefits of cleanrooms for the aerospace industry

  • Maintaining classification. A positive pressure cleanroom is particularly effective at retaining its classification. Due to the fact that air rushes out of the clean room where there are any openings or breaches it’s difficult for anything to get inside. Clean filtered air is constantly being supplied into the cleanroom – any particles etc must be effective against this air flow in order to get inside.
  • Blocking debris and particles. In most aerospace applications debris and particles can be incredibly damaging. Even a small piece of debris can have an impact on the eventual quality of the product and its effectiveness. Manufacturing applications that require a controlled environment are particularly dependent on cleanrooms. The positive pressure cleanroom is very useful in this industry, as it protects everything inside the room – even when someone enters it’s hard for debris and particles to get in through the space because the air rushes out of the open entry point.
  • Controlled environments for sensitive work. Aerospace is an industry where a lot of sensitive work is taking place. Disruption and a drop in overall quality can be easily suffered in the wrong environment. A cleanroom is the most effective way to provide a controlled environment where sensitive work is currently taking place. The cleanroom will first be developed so that it meets the requirements of the application’s classification standards. An additional level of protection is then provided by the positive pressure nature of the cleanroom – this enables effective protection for even the most sensitive calibration, research and manufacturing projects.

Cleanrooms – especially positive pressure cleanrooms – have wide application across the aerospace industry. From protecting sensitive work to being particularly effective at keeping debris and particles out they have a key role to play.

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