Lite Linke MTP® Cassette MultiMode 1x24 FanOut 24 Fibre Male LC Duplex PMCM-1X24M-LC/S

Product Code  494-100
Pinned  Male
Assembly Count  1 x 24 Fanout
Adapter Type  LC Duplex Adaptor
Fibre Type/Mode  Multimode
FanOut/Fibre Count  24 Fibre

Lite Linke MTP Cassette

The Lite Linke MTP®* Solution is a premium grade, hyper high density 19” cassette and chassis system. It operates on similar lines to conventional networks, insomuch as a trunk cable, patch panels at each end and jumper cables patching to the operating hardware. Lite Linke MTP® solutions provide a more efficient, condensed method – a tool-less and pluggable high density population fibre optic network, without the need for expensive on-site splicing and thus reducing installation time.


Nominal: Length = 149mm

Width = 124mm

Height = 19mm


Maximum Protrusion Lengths Nominal:

LC Adapter - 3mm

MTP® Adapter - 12mm

Pull Tab - 70mm

Cable Management Bar - 95mm


Lite Linke MTP Cassette Features

Centred around its sleek injection moulded 24f cassette, the Lite Linke MTP® Solution presents up to 144f in a 1U and up to 480f in a 3U space. With the full versatility of a modular system, the minimum investment is one 24f cassette into either a 1U or 3U chassis. This allows a buy and build approach as the network grows without demanding more valuable U space within a cabinet.

Lite Linke MTP Cassette 1 x 24 FanOut


The ½U cassette is of a tough durable PPS construction and fitted with 12x low profile laser safe LC Duplex adapters to the front and 2x MTP® adapters to the rear. The Elite LC Duplex adapters are colour coded for ease of fibre type recognition; aqua for OM4 and blue for single-mode. The sealed cassette contains premium grade fanouts; either 2x 12f or 1x 24f LC to MTP® elite on OM4 or single-mode fibre, according to choice. To the front of each cassette are two sliding pull tabs which are used to aid removal from the chassis. The pull tabs recess into the cassette for tidy storage. Each cassette is fitted with 4x spring-ball bearings which locate inside the chassis with an audible click on correct fitting.


As the solution is designed for High Density applications, LC HD assemblies must be used in conjunction with the cassette. See our LC HD Switchable assembly datasheet for further detail

*MTP® is a registered trademark of US CONEC Ltd

• Data centre fibre network infrastructure

• High density fibre applications

• Parallel Optics

• Infiniband Compliant

• 10G Fiber Channel Compliant

• 40G and 100G IEEE 802.3

• QFSP compatible

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