What industries do we work in?

GEM Cable Solutions is an experienced provider of cabling equipment, meeting the cabling and networking needs of customers globally across multiple industries. A combination of specially made bespoke products and standard products enables the business to ensure that clients are able to exploit new technology and to optimise the options that are available for their operations. As a result, GEM is now a leading UK manufacturer of cabling solutions offering cable, fibre and network options that can be designed to suit the very individual requirements of any business.

Multi-industry coverage

The need for cable, fibre and network solutions is broad and extends across many different areas of the economy. These are just some of the industries in which GEM Cable Solutions has become a key partner to organisations and businesses looking to make better choices when it comes to the products they invest in.


Our experience here includes providing cost effective equivalent products manufactured to industry norms, tailor made solutions for enhanced system performance and security products and housing equipment. Our focus is always on providing products that deliver seamless high speed communications with tight margins.


As one of the most cutting edge industries, robotics requires an innovative approach to cabling solutions and the cable assemblies we produce have to meet the high standards of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. GEM Cable Solutions products have been used across this evolving industry, from power distribution to data transmission.


We have worked with this innovative and evolving industry for many years, providing a product selection that includes a broad range of low-loss high-quality antenna cables and LMR cables and our GBC range of equivalents.


Our custom security and military cable assemblies, wiring looms and harness solutions have been used widely throughout the defence sector.


GEM Cable Solutions’ work with the rail industry has been focused on identifying new solutions to old problems, using bespoke assemblies and connections and combining exceptional technical insight and experience with efficient and simple installation and support.


We work with clients in aviation and aeronautics, providing optimum performance products and specialist solutions that are designed to meet the demands of mission-critical applications as well as high levels of quality and safety control.


We design and deliver state-of-the-art cabling solutions for essential data transmission applications. Our focus has been on providing custom answers to the question of infrastructure integration, from bespoke housing to power, conversion and high volume data cables.


Our range of products and cables designed for marine applications meet all relevant standards and come with different options for armouring, size and flexible conductors. Bespoke products are often essential for this industry which requires more than off-the-shelf – we have been able to deliver the right custom made solutions for critical marine applications globally.

GEM Cable Solutions is a go to for cable assemblies and network solutions for businesses across all of these industries in the UK, as well as organisations worldwide. Exceptional products, hassle-free installation and a reputation for client-focused service allows the business to continue to reach new clients in all corners of the global economy.

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