What industries rely on efficient cable assembly services?

Lift the lid on just about any piece of equipment or machinery and you’ll see cables and wires underneath. So many industries today need cable assembly – some of these are obvious and others less so but there is no getting away from how widespread the need for efficient cable assembly really is. Where there is power there will be the need for cable assemblies to help channel it and so this is a requirement across both the public and private sector. Some of the industries where an efficient cable assembly service is likely to be the most necessary include:


If there is one industry where you’re likely to find the need for cable assembly services more than any other it’s the automotive industry. Cables are used right across the automotive sector, from brand new vehicles to those that are much older. Without a robust cable assembly a vehicle can’t function properly so this is a crucial piece of kit – in some cases the vehicle won’t be able to function at all without a cable assembly. This is the same across the sector, no matter who the manufacturer is or what the style or design of the vehicle entails.


Cable assemblies are also an essential part of important equipment required and used by the military on a regular basis. This is where efficient cable assembly services can be especially important because specialised kit is often required to enable the military to cope with specific situations that are unfolding in environments that are more harsh or hazardous than the norm. These cable assemblies must be tested to ensure they can withstand more extreme conditions and will be able to meet the high standards of the military so that they don’t fail at a crucial moment on a mission.

Essential appliances

Another industry where cable assemblies are used almost across the board is consumer (and other) appliances. A sleek exterior on an appliance can hide a whole range of cables underneath that have been organised and integrated thanks to efficient cable assembly services. The right cable assembly can not only have an impact on how appliances function but also on how they look.


As another very advanced industry it’s probably no surprise that the aerospace sector relies heavily on cable assembly services when it comes to progress. The performance of planes, operating systems etc can be significantly influenced by the design of the wires and cables underneath and, in particular, the skill and innovation that has gone into the cable assembly. The right cable assembly can have an impact in every part of the aerospace production process, whether that’s when it comes to the wiring in the cockpit or with respect to the technology that is being used to control it on the ground. Ensuring a proper process can be significantly influenced by the quality of the cable assembly services involved.

These industries show just how important efficient cable assembly services are across the UK economy. From military equipment to household appliances the cable assembly is everywhere. If your industry requires efficient cable assembly services, contact our technical team today…