Where are our cable assemblies used?

Cable assemblies provide a simple way to group together cables of various sizes, lengths and construction into a single unit. From ensuring that your cables meet the precise specifications of the project, to improved performance and exceptional quality assurance, there are many reasons why so many applications use cable assemblies. But where are you most likely to find GEM cable assemblies?

  • The robotics sector. Some of the most innovative and dynamic use of cable assemblies is taking place in the robotics industry today. Custom cable assemblies for robotics need to have the highest specifications in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. From controlled robotics applications to sophisticated automation, there are many uses.
  • Another heavily innovative sector, the satellite industry is where you’ll find many of our cable assemblies, whether in locations such as fixed ground stations or onboard ships.
  • This is an industry that has faced some significant challenges in recent years and bespoke cable assemblies and connections can often provide some new solutions to old problems. Among the many advantages of custom cable assemblies in the rail industry are: minimal waste during manufacturing and straightforward on-site implementation, a broad range of weather-proof housing that can withstand most environments, as well as options to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Marine cables. Shipbuilding is a key industry for cable assemblies. Here, specifications require assemblies to be lightweight, flexible, efficient, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. Standard cable assemblies won’t meet the very specific requirements of this industry, which is why bespoke cable assemblies are so vital.
  • Mil-spec cable assemblies are made to individual specification and, often, complex requirements – the bespoke element here is essential. GEM Cable now has requirements and quality systems necessary to provide product support and manufacturing to OEM military and defence contractors.
  • You’ll find our cable assemblies in some of the most cutting-edge, ground-breaking applications, simulators and systems in the aerospace industry. Products and materials are selected for their ability to withstand harsh environments and handle the problems that can impact on data transfer efficiency and signal integrity, among many other things.
  • State-of-the-art cabling is a benchmark for the broadcast sector and many businesses rely on our bespoke cable assemblies for their data-transmission applications today. Bespoke cable assemblies can provide solutions to a myriad of the issues of infrastructure integration. The tight control processes that are involved in manufacturing ensure optimum reliability and minimum system downtime.
  • Low-cost, high-capacity solutions have been created by GEM cable for commercial, government and public-service clients across the telecoms industry. Tailor-made options are essential for ensuring performance objectives can be met, as well as dealing with sophisticated arrangements or high levels of traffic. Solutions can also be designed to address distribution and connection issues during upgrading, for example, and to deal with specific security challenges.

Our cable assemblies are used across some of the most vital industries in the global economy. They have an essential part to play in innovation and progress across the board.