Why should you use GEM Cable solutions?

GEM Cable Solutions provides total cable, fibre and network solutions, offering bespoke packages that have been developed via years of experience with clients across a broad range of industries. We have worked with businesses in transport, telecoms, aerospace, broadcast and satellite, delivering flexible and individually tailored services and products that directly support business growth. Our business is driven by an understanding of client priorities and the way in which our products and services can help to mitigate risks and improve outcomes. These are just some of the reasons why you should use GEM Cable solutions if you work in the industrial sector.

Tailor made design

There is no substitute for a design that is bespoke to your individual requirements. We have combined real world skills application with extensive UK manufacturing experience to produce solutions that work for your individual needs. We use high-tech plant and equipment to make assemblies that will meet all of your individual requirements in the most efficient and effective way.

All the materials that you need

GEM Cable solutions provides a comprehensive supply of materials, from coaxial, fibre optic and copper cable assemblies through to connectors. In fact, we have more than 10,000 products available and can cope with a range of needs, whether they are time sensitive or high volume.

Highly experienced installation technicians

Building and fitting communications and network infrastructures is what we do and we do this to the highest possible standards. Our goal is to provide you with the most innovative and cutting edge solutions no matter what the environment they need to function in. Working with our technicians is simple and straightforward – they are not only highly qualified but also have all the most up to date equipment to ensure minimal disruption and optimal service.

More than just the technical

While we are well known for being able to deliver on the technical aspects of any project this is not all that we are about. We also provide all our clients with a broader range of services designed to support you in a range of different ways. That could be business growth or procurement, administration or logistics – our services go above and beyond to give you the opportunity to ensure that processes are streamlined and resources are being fully optimised.

A range of maintenance solutions

Troubleshooting is an essential part of ensuring business continuity and we know how to deliver this in a highly effective way. Our solutions are intended to help you avoid issues with disruption and system problems that can be frustrating and cause delays and financial strain. Work with us and you’ll benefit from full analysis and testing – use this to address and mitigate concerns you already have or to highlight unknown issues and find ways to solve those problems.

GEM Cable Solutions is a leading UK manufacturer with extensive experience across industrial sectors and a range of products and services individually designed to support the very specific needs of your business.