What to look for in a control panel manufacturing partner

No matter what the eventual purpose of the control panel, having the right manufacturing process in place – and a strong relationship with the right manufacturing partner – is vital. Control panels tend to be essential components and there is very little room for error so finding a reliable, expert partner for this process can create a significant advantage. When you’re outsourcing control panel manufacturing you need to make sure that the partner you choose is able to meet expectations and has the resources and dedication to deliver. These are the key things to consider when you’re making this essential decision.

Look for the right certifications

If you want to quickly zoom in on partners with potential then look for those that are ISO-certified. This certification means that the company has passed certain standards when it comes to the processes that are being used for design, production and ensuring quality standards are being met. ISO-certification indicates that the manufacturer is using tested, scalable and repeatable processes and regularly auditing to ensure optimal results.

Engineering experience

The point at which issues can occur with control panel manufacturing tends to be in bringing designs to life – that’s why it’s so important to work with a partner with extensive engineering experience. A partner that is able to bring this to the table will be able to go through designs in detail and identify potential performance problems, as well as thoroughly reviewing designs for suitableness in terms of manufacturing and function. When you’re working with a control panel manufacturing partner with engineering expertise, any problems that do arise can be quickly dealt with and new solutions found.

Strong purchasing logistics

No matter how experienced your partner is if there is no strong supply chain management in place then there can be expensive delays and hold ups. Control panels have a lot of component partners so it’s essential that the business can demonstrate strong purchasing logistics. That means having the resources in place to ensure that the right parts can be obtained at the right time and that contract commitments will be fulfilled as a result. It also means that your control panel manufacturing partner will be able to deliver the final product at the right price.

A service mindset

When you’re looking for a manufacturing partner it’s not enough just to focus on expertise and experience – make sure you also find a business that is capable of delivering on service too. Problems can arise if you are dealing with a partner that doesn’t invest in ongoing partnerships or where there has been no thought put into the experience that the customer has with the brand. Ideally, your control panel manufacturing partner will be prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver the result you want – and service will extend to the period of time after you’ve received the control panel in case you have queries or questions at that point.

From engineering expertise to ensuring that you’re working with a service-focused business these are just some of the factors to bear in mind when you’re looking for a control panel manufacturing partner.