Top tips for choosing a cable management solutions

Effective cable management makes life easier for everyone. Cables form an essential component in many vital areas today, from aerospace to automotive and home appliances. If cables are not carefully managed, they can become vulnerable to malfunctions or failures that can be the cause of costly downtime that can impact on outcomes and efficiency. The right cable management solutions can ensure productivity and minimise the resources required to deliver continuity. These are our top tips for choosing the right cable management solutions.

Choose cable management solutions on the basis of need

There are two key needs that cable management solutions can meet: protection and direction. You can use cable management to protect cables from damage to lengthen lifespan and optimise the operational impact those cables can have. There are a number of different options available when it comes to protection, including cable wraps, bushes, junction boxes and conduits. Directing cables – guiding them through entry points – is the other main function of cable management. Here you can use solutions such as cable ties, cable wraps, grommets and clips.

Where are the cables going to be placed?

It’s essential to bear in mind the environment that the cables will occupy when it comes to designing the right solutions. For example, will the cables be in a moving application and are they likely to be exposed to hazards such as abrasion or kinking. Environmental factors such as heat, cold and moisture also need to be taken into account when looking at the right cable management solution.

What is the process of installation?

Depending on the process there may be a number of installation requirements that have an impact on the best cable management solutions for the job. Factors to bear in mind here include space, mounting limitations and the environmental conditions of the installation area. Mounting is particularly essential and the most important elements here include the mounting surface (some adhesives won’t work on some surfaces), panel thickness and hole diameter.

Is the solution permanent or semi-permanent?

If the cable management solution is permanent then it will be even more important to look at the environmental factors involved, such as exposure to heat. Where heat is an issue, for example, it may not be an option to use an adhesive if you’re looking for a permanent solution and you may have to find another fitting method instead.

Easy identification

Being able to identify the function of a particular cable can be essential, especially where arrangements are large and complex. The first consideration here is whether there are any industry requirements or standards that need to be adhered to when it comes to cable identification. Does the business itself have a specific system of identification? Cable identification can also be aided by using heat shrink tubing or different coloured cable ties to show cables with specific functions in groups.

Cable management solutions can have a big impact on durability, effectiveness and ease of use. From organising cables for easy identification to providing protection from heat, moisture or cold it’s essential to choose the right solution to ensure you get the most from the cables in place. We are the leading manufacturer or bespoke cable assemblies in the UK, contact us today to find out more…