5 key factors to determining whether you need mil-spec cable assembly for your application

The mil-spec cable assembly is one that has been designed according to military standards. This isn’t something that will be required for all applications but it can be incredibly useful in a number of circumstances. Some of the key characteristics of the mil-spec cable assembly are that it is lightweight, very durable and rugged. Most are made from materials that are incredibly durable and designed to make this type of cable assembly more resilient, for example in high vibration situations. As a mil-spec cable assembly can be more expensive it’s essential to determine whether this is something your application actually needs – here’s how you can do that.

  1. Is the application a critical one? I.e. if this fails will it jeopardise the entire process and potentially create some pretty heavy losses. If the answer to this question is yes then it may well be worth investing in a mil-spec cable assembly to ensure the continuity of the application and provide optimum durability.
  2. What kind of environment are you looking at? The mil-spec cable assembly is designed for harsh and/or unpredictable environments that ask more from equipment than is normal. So, the mil-spec cable assembly is created to be able to withstand a broad spectrum of temperatures and to be corrosion and abrasion resistant. If your application is a demanding situation that needs serious robustness then the mil-spec cable assembly could be a great choice.
  3. The impact of motion and vibration. If your application involves constant motion and vibration then the mil-spec cable assembly could be perfect. Military situations often see equipment in motion and vibrations can be ongoing and harsh as result of travel through difficult terrain and consistently challenging conditions. However, even in those conditions smooth functioning of equipment is necessary which is where mil-spec cable assembly comes in. If your application has similar motion and vibration challenges this could be the perfect design option.
  4. EMI/RFI radiation. If your application is going to be exposed to this kind of radiation, a mil-spec cable assembly is going to be essential. When you opt for a military grade cable assembly you’re getting total EMI/RFI shielding, which is always vital where this kind of radiation is a factor in play.
  5. You’ve been told that this is the specification that you need to opt for. It’s well established that certain applications are going to require a mil-spec cable assembly in order to get the most out of equipment. This may be due to safety concerns or product reliability, for example. You may also come across a situation where a mil-spec cable assembly is going to be the necessary choice to comply with regulation or industry requirements.

The mil-spec cable assembly is tough, durable and designed for difficult situations and harsh conditions. If even one of the factors above is relevant to your application then it may be the most obvious solution to choose.