As experienced manufacturers of bespoke cabling products, cable assemblies, fibre optic cables, wire looms & harness, panels, control boxes, we offer a one stop solution for all your cable & networking needs across a number of Industries.

We offer a one stop solution for all your cable & networking needs across a number of Industries

Our services include concept and engineering design, full material procurement, supply chain management, UK manufacturing and test to the highest possible level of workmanship all controlled by our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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With proven experience of supplying low-cost, high-capacity solutions for commercial, government and public-service clients in the Telecoms sector, we understand the issues you face and are well-placed to help your business or organisation stay ahead in this competitive market.

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We offer a full suite of creative solutions designed to respond quickly and efficiently to this rapidly changing industry:

  • An extensive range of trusted brands for all your structured cabling and fibre optics needs
  • Cost-effective equivalent products manufactured to industry norms
  • End-to-end management for the design and installation of complete network solutions
  • Tailor-made solutions for enhanced system performance to deal with complex arrangements or major traffic
  • Connect-ready bespoke products to address distribution and connections issues during upgrading
  • Security products and housing equipment

Our specialist services and product-range assure you of seamless, high-speed communications within tight margins.

Using our knowledge of 21st Century cabling technology for all types of network architecture, we meet your needs for mobility and lasting connections with quality manufacturing.




Our customers in aviation and aeronautics devise ground-breaking applications, simulators and systems and trust us to be equally as innovative when supplying their cabling solutions. As one of the UK’s leading cable manufacturers for aircraft, aviation & aerospace markets, GEM are able to offer an extensive range of bespoke cabling products, cable assemblies, electrical control boxes, wiring harnesses & looms, panels, fibre optic products and complete network solutions.

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Alongside our suite of specialist solutions, we offer a choice of tried and tested optimum-performance products and materials chosen for their reliability and integrity in harsh environments and address the issues that can compromise data transfer efficiency and signal integrity:

  • Trusted-brand cables with high-performance EMI shielding
  • Small, light-weight cables and assemblies to simplify routing and address space restrictions

We not only match your stringent quality-control and safety requirements; we exceed the demands of your mission-critical applications with high-specification products and tailored support for your research and development projects.

Our problem-solving approach and commitment to precision manufacturing brings world-class long-lasting solutions that help to ensure robust applications, reduce downtime and decrease operating costs.



Working closely with Network Rail’s approved contractors has enabled us to develop some truly interconnected solutions to the unique challenges facing this industry.

GEM Cable Solutions continue to support the Rail & Transportation sectors with the design and manufacture of top quality custom cables, assemblies, control boxes, harnesses and wire looms to exact customer requirement.

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We offer new answers to familiar problems with bespoke assemblies and connections manufactured at our UK base, and an extensive range of industry-approved cables for all aspects of your infrastructure:

  • All-volume orders of cables: from power, signalling and telecommunications to fibre optics
  • Wide range of weather-proof housing and cabinets specifically designed to meet transport industry needs and maximise available space
  • Bespoke solutions to ensure minimum material waste during manufacture and easier on-site installation

With a focus on supporting you to improve the safety and efficiency of the UK rail infrastructure, our technical expertise is complemented by our commitment to trouble-free supply and installation and efficient administration and logistics support.

Our experience working closely with our partners on a broad spectrum of infrastructure projects has helped to lower capital and operational expenditures and increase network reliability.



Our clients in this sector know we don’t need reminding of the importance of state-of-the-art cabling solutions for their data-transmission applications. This hard-earned trust – the result of many years solving their integration and conversion problems.

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Our specialist services and product range include bespoke answers to the question of infrastructure integration; with many of our bridging and testing solutions already proving their worth in many large-scale operations:

  • Power, conversion and high-volume data cables, fibre optics and multi- cord from trusted brands
  • Bespoke space-saving housing and ancillary equipment from lesser-known but highly respected sources
  • Wide range of equivalent products
  • Test-ready connection solutions for fast, installation and precision checking / analysis

We understand that there is no room for compromise in a broadcast environment and supply audio and video cabling functionality that lives up to the expectations of your customers.

Our manufacturing expertise and tight quality control processes give the ultimate in reliability and help to ensure zero system downtime.

Contact GEM Cable Solutions today for a reliable and cost effective source of quality custom cabling, assemblies, control boxes, panels, wiring harness and looms.



Several decades of experience serving customers in all areas of the satellite industry has given us a unique, in-depth perspective of this constantly evolving sector.

From marine and military applications to public service and commercial shipping, we appreciate that ultimately someone somewhere is relying indirectly on us to stay connected.

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Our rigorous manufacturing processes and specialist product range shows we take this responsibility seriously:

Our material property knowledge and manufacturing expertise give you tried and tested solutions with proven reliability in extreme conditions.

We have a rigorous approach to product development and sourcing, and pride ourselves on partnership working to ensure we meet the particular requirements of 21st Century satellite communications; from fixed ground stations and mobile communications vehicles to onboard ship antennas.



GEM Cable Solutions prides itself on the ability to provide wire looms and cable harnesses of the highest quality and with rapid turnarounds.  We are experienced in the manufacture of custom security and military cable assemblies, wiring looms and custom wiring harness solutions for use in almost all environments and applications relevant to the Defence Industry.

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Whether the requirement is a standard wire or cable or a custom designed product, GEM Cable can assist with the following:

  • Mil-Spec Wire or Cable
  • Custom Designed Harness, Loom or Assembly
  • Coaxial or RF Signal Assemblies

We supply the components and materials regularly used in Mil-Spec Wiring Systems, Sealed Heatshrink Systems and Military Connector Systems. All Mil-spec cable assemblies are continually monitored throughout the production process and full component trace-ability can be maintained in addition to certificates of conformity being supplied with each shipment. We have developed expert knowledge of the requirements and quality systems necessary to provide product support and manufacturing to OEM military and defence contractors.

We work in partnership with you, to your specifications and complex requirements, with an unrivaled attention to detail which delivers first class products.



The requirements for marine cables in shipbuilding are growing due to the increasing demand for low weight and high efficiency. Ship cables have to be installed in narrow spaces demanding highest cable flexibility. Furthermore, marine cables often have to be halogen free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

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The special requirements of the Marine Industry can´t be fulfilled by standard products and thus require custom-made solutions. We work with our customers to offer a range of customised wire, cable and harness assemblies for critical marine applications.

We supply a wide range of products and cables tailored to their respective purpose in Marine Applications including wire and cable assembly, control systems and cable management. We can supply Marine and offshore cable which complies with all of the relevant standards such as IEC 60092, BS6883 and NEK606 as well as IEC60331 for fire resistance. A wide range of sizes, armouring and flexible conductors is available to accommodate the weight and size limitations.



The Robotics Industry  has now become one of the most dynamic areas for development and bespoke cable assembly manufacturing plays an extremely important role in this. Whether you are implementing small scale MCU controlled robotics-applications or sophisticated automation and control in industrial applications, you can find the right bespoke solution here.

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A crucial element of complex production processes. As Robots are always in motion, the cable assemblies used have to meet the highest requirements in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties  They must work accurately and reliably, withstanding rapid acceleration and deceleration, tensile, compressive and torsion stress as well as the huge amount of bending cycles. The demanding requirements means that a bespoke and tailored solution is needed.

The different applications within the robotics industry include:

  • Power Distribution
  • Assembly Line Systems
  • Data Transmission
  • Servo Motor Cables

We offer customized looms and assemblies with short delivery times, alongside our expertise and experience in working with customers to develop and bring to fruition solutions in the field of robotics and their applications. Whether the requirement is a standard wire or cable or a custom designed loom or assembly, GEM Cable Solutions will work with you to design and manufacture Control and Instrumentation Looms, Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies that fulfil your requirements.

Gem Cable Solutions’ are currently in transition from ISO 9001:2008 quality standard to the UKAS ISO9001:2015 & 14001 standards. This demonstrates our  strong commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, continual improvement and the environment


Been here before and know what you’re looking for? Skip to the following sections using the links below to navigate to your chosen Industry.

Telecoms Aerospace  Rail | Broadcast  |  Satellite  |  Defence  |  Marine  |  Robotics  

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