Making Period Poverty a thing of the Past!

At GEM cable we are working with to help eliminate period poverty in Britain by 2025. As a company we stand with there belief that all women should have access to sanitary protection during their period, but many are experiencing period poverty, unable to access or afford them.

Period Poverty UK have donated more than 500,000 sanitary pads to homeless charities. Due to Covid-19 more women have low or no income meaning that for more people the choice between period products and food is a harsh reality. There are vulnerable women in every society, where the lack of affordability or access to period products causes extreme distress, Period Poverty has donated 350,000 pads to food banks so far. In total Period Poverty has donated 5.6 million sanitary pads to women in crisis since 2013!

Women form a variety of walks of life are affected by period poverty, 12 million refugees, 14% of rough sleepers, female students and women in low-income employment. We therefore want to do our part, not just by donating, but working to improve access to essential period products for all our employees and visitors to our head office.

From 1st January 2021 Gem Cable Solutions will provide free period products for all employees and visitors. Tampons and sanitary towels will be readily available for anybody who needs them.

For more information and to donate to help provide sanitary pads to women and girls who can’t afford them or can’t access them, both in the UK and globally, please go to