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With proven experience of supplying low-cost, high-capacity solutions for commercial, government and public-service clients in this sector, we understand the issues you face and are well-placed to help you stay ahead. Read more . . .


Our customers in aviation and aeronautics devise ground-breaking applications, simulators and systems and trust us to be equally as innovative when supplying their cabling solutions and extensive range of products. Read more . . .


Working closely with Network Rail’s approved contractors has enabled us to develop some truly interconnected solutions to the unique challenges facing this industry & Transportation Sector's exact customer requirement. Read more . . .


Our clients in this sector know we don’t need reminding of the importance of state-of-the-art cabling solutions for their data-transmission applications - the result of many years solving their integration and conversion problems. Read more . . .


Several decades of experience serving customers in all areas of the satellite industry has given us a unique, in-depth perspective of this constantly evolving sector and ultimately relying indirectly on us to stay connected. Read more . . .


We are experienced in the manufacture of custom security and military cable assemblies, wiring looms and custom wiring harness solutions for use in almost all environments and applications relevant to the Defence Industry. Read more . . .


The requirements for marine cables in shipbuilding are growing due to the increasing demand for low weight and high efficiency. Ship cables have to be installed in narrow spaces demanding highest cable flexibility. Read more . . .


The Robotics Industry has now become one of the most dynamic areas for development and bespoke cable assembly manufacturing plays an extremely important role in this. Read more . . .