Size is Everything

Cable size matters when it comes to getting a specification spot on, so when GEM saw an opportunity to make a serious dent in the cost associated with an order from one of their clients in the satellite industry, their recommendation was a measure of their dedication to keeping customer costs low.

When the customer submitted a repeat purchase order for five kilometres of LMR240 coaxial cable, they did not ask for anything other than confirmation of a quick delivery date.

Broadcast and communications

Always looking for ways to support our customer’s bottom-line, we nevertheless asked a few pertinent questions.

Once we knew that they could increase the signal strength at one point, we made the calculations to establish if another of our products could offer a better solution. As we were able to guarantee the maximum loss at the other end, we proposed the LMR195, a coaxial with a much smaller diameter than LMR240, and amended the order to give them a cost saving of 20%.